Dry January – the Simply Fit Food approach.

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With great reluctance, every year we cut out alcohol and bad food in January. December can be a heavy month between work parties, family dinners, 12 pubs, the main feast and of course the leftover sambo’s. Most of us are only delighted to see a bowl of green salad and detox water.

But does it have to be so boring?! You don’t actually have to give up anything! At Simply Fit Food, we’re changing the healthy eating game. We asked ourselves why a healthy meal can’t have the elements of health, taste and nutrition accompanied by a side of satisfaction? And so we created 4 products to get you back on track the easiest way possible! (LINK TO PRODUCTS)

For most people giving up booze is always the mission for Dry January, with some people succeeding the 31 days and others proud of a strong two-week stint. But do we drink alcohol every day? No. (Well hopefully not!) However, eating is something we are all guaranteed to do every day.

This is where our New Year’s resolution comes in. The way we see it, eating healthy for the month of January is far more rewarding than just cutting out alcohol. Everybody will go back to their pints every weekend as soon as February 1st hits. Eating healthy everyday for the month of January has become a habit, embedded in our routine come February, and soon becomes a way of life.

Our tip: Don’t stop on January 31st, keep going until healthy eating becomes a lifestyle.

The best way to go about it is to set goals and objectives. For example:

Goal: Eat healthy until it becomes a natural habit to me.


  1. Practise meal prepping with natural, healthy and fresh ingredients to make meals that satisfy my appetite.

  2. Exercise healthy eating every day so it becomes part of my daily routine.

  3. Prepare/buy nourishing snacks and snack throughout the day so I won’t binge.

  4. Drink more water to prevent slow metabolism and unhealthy cravings.