Simply Fit Food Overnight Oats

We’ve been inundated with messages about the overnight oats we’re always making for ourselves the night before.
(Sorry for the constant overnight oat story spam🤣)

We usually make them either because we’re in the gym really early & cant eat breakfast that early in the morning or we’re on delivery runs at god knows what hour 😂
This is literally the quickest breakfast option on-the-go & they never get boring as we constantly change our toppings!

1. Choose any type of oats
2. Poor into a lunch box or bowl and allow them to soak in milk/ plant based milk or even yoghurt over night. We’re loving almond milk these days 😏
3. You can either add he toppings before you let it set in the fridge or the next morning for some added crunch!
4. We love to use frozen berries the night before as they act almost a purée the next morning!

Our favourite toppings:
Chia seeds | Honey | sunflower seeds | peanut butter or almond butter | Frozen berries | yoghurt | cacao butter

They also keep you full till lunch so no need for unhealthy snacking!
A great healthy breakfast idea!
Give it a go we swear you won’t look at oats the same again 😍

Our famous overnight oats