Mixed Berry Sorbet Recipe

We’ll we were hoping for a sunny day to post this recipe but sure look that’s Irish weather for ya!

| Mixed Berry Sorbet Recipe in less than 5 minutes🍇🍓 |

Sorbet is traditionally a frozen high sugar dessert made from sweetened water and flavourings. We’ve put a healthy twist on it.

- Ideal as a healthy dessert option
- Vegan friendly
- extremely low in calories (70 Kcals per serving)
- Makes a delish overnight oats or porridge topping
- Your getting more than 4 of your 5 daily portions of fruit.

- Frozen mixed berries: blueberry, raspberry, blackberry
-frozen banana
- beetroot cooked and frozen
- 1 full avocado
- frozen pineapple chunks
- x2 spoons soya or regular yogurt
- 2 cups water
- x2 spoons chia seeds

Toppings: pumpkin seeds & desiccated coconut🥥
Serves 2

Suitable for refreezing.