Mexican Fajitas Simply Fit Food Style

🌶Mexican Fajita Recipe🌶

100% of you from a recent poll we did wanted us to share our Mexican recipe that we recently featured on our Insta stories . Don’t blame you this recipe is delish. Ya’ll must love Mexican food ❤️🌯

We even made extra for lunch the next day!
Serves: 3
- 2/3 chicken fillet diced
- Tin chopped tomatoes
- 25g tomato purée
- Tin kidney or black beans
- X2 garlic cloves chopped
- x1 onion diced
- X1 red pepper chopped
- Handful mushrooms
- Pinch sea salt
- Pinch pepper
- Pinch cinnamon

Healthy Mexican Fajitas

- Natural yoghurt (optional)
- Grated cheese 🧀
- We made some homemade guacamole 🥑 but it’s optional

1. We try steer clear of oil as much as we can and use water instead when frying.
2. On a hob fry your garlic, onion and chicken until golden
3. Once golden throw in the rest of your ingredients into the pan & leave to simmer for 12-15 minutes.
4. While that’s cooking place 2-3 wholemeal brown wraps into the oven to heat
5. Once cooked dish out the fajita mix into 2-3 separate bowls. Begin building your fajita with the toppings (highlighted above)
6. Enjoy 🍽🌯