Official nutrition partners with Louth senior GAA team

We’re proud to be official nutrition partners for the home county, Louth GAA for the 2018 season ahead. We’re fueling these top class inter-county players with the top quality nutrition they deserve during their intense season. We’re helping them stay on track to eating healthy by focusing less on meal prepping & more time on training. Best of luck to the lads for the year ahead!

If you’re a player or manager of any sports team drop us a message for the best group deals to help your players get the most out of their training while saving time on meal prep & cooking healthy.

Save up to 8 hours a week with Simply Fit Food

What would you do if you gained an extra 8 hours in your week, every week?! That’s basically a full working day right?
Spend it with family, friends or simply doing the things you enjoy?
Simply Fit Food 5-7 day meal plans allow you to save up to 8 hours a week on cooking meal prep & clean up! Imagine a week without worrying about cooking healthy & staying on track.
Your solution = SFF meal plans
•Calorie controlled
•Made fresh the day before delivery
•Contain ZERO additives/preservatives
•Locally sourced, natural ingredients
Click on link below:

Save up to 8 hours a week with Simply Fit Food

Winner Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur- Louth 2017

We can’t quite believe it!
What a year it’s been for Simply Fit Food. We are ending it on such a high.

-Best New Business in Louth 2017

– Best Social Media & Digital Marketing Award 2017

– And last night we won Best Start-up & over all winner at Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur in Louth!
We now represent Louth at the Regional Finals next month. All in the space of just one year in business.

We would like to once again say a massive

thank you to our customers, followers, families & friends. Without you this year would not have been possible.

We’d also like to say a huge thank you Local Enterprise Office Louth who have continuously supported us since we have been in business. They have helped us a tremendous amount this past year through mentoring & advice.
Christmas has come early for us but we are more excited & motivated than ever to continue building our premium healthy meal brand nationwide.
We have so many exciting plans for 2018 this is only just the beginning

Happy Christmas to you all & a healthy New Year!

Luke & Evelyn

Media Article: SFF secures IBYE win (click to view)

When Simply Fit Food Visited Thailand

We traveled around Thailand over Christmas. Our second destination brought us to Phi Phi island and it most definitely did not disappoint. From HIIT sessions on the beach to visiting Maya Bay and Bamboo Island, we’re experiencing all Thailand has to offer from fitness to fresh food.
A spot we would definitely recommend if you like a good view and fresh ingredients in your meals.

Click on the link below to see how we got on!


Our Finest Locally Sourced Ingredients

Fresh food, fresh ingredients. Something we all lack from time to time but is essential in maintaining a healthy diet. We like to keep our ingredients as locally sourced & fresh from the ground as possible. Our fresh meals provide more nutrients, hydration and tractability by using fresh produce.
Coming soon: Meet our local suppliers, providing the best quality ingredients from farm to fork.
Stay tuned!

Click on the link below


Winner: Best New Business Under 5 Years in Louth 2017

On Saturday October 21st Simply Fit Food was awarded winner of “The Best New Business Under 5 Years 2017”

We’ve put our blood sweat & tears into Simply Fit Food over the past year & we are so thrilled to be recognized for it.
We’re so grateful to all our wonderful customers. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today. We created SFF as we saw there was a need for a service like ours. We wanted to help make peoples lives easier while looking after their health. This award is a reflection of that. Here’s to helping many more people eat better & feel healthy.

Shop Bought Meals Vs Homemade Meals…What’s The Difference?

Xylose, Dextrose, Maltodextrin and Thiamin. Recognise any of these ingredients?

Neither do we. We decided to pick up a popular shop bought meal and find out what really gives these so called ready-made “healthy” fresh meals such a long shelf-life in comparison to a regular homemade or Simply Fit Food meal.

Example : Irish Carvery Style Roast Chicken Dinner

Contents: Roast Chicken, creamy mash potato, carrots, peas, stuffing and gravy

Your typical Sunday dinner right?

Wrong! The list of ingredients was over a paragraph long, listing some ingredients most people would never have heard of.

The chicken was made up of 24% roast chicken breast but also contained water, salt, rice flour (a thickening agent), Dextrose, Xylose and Maltodextrin.

At the front of the packaging it said ‘Produced in Ireland” so to your average consumer you would think the ingredients are sourced in Ireland. Wrong, at the back of the packet in small writing stated the following “produced in Ireland using Thai chicken”.

To colour the gravy plain caramel was used along with other flavouring’s.


We took some of the ingredients that most consumers wouldn’t be familiar with and simplified them.


Dextrose: Is a type of sugar often found in baking products. In this case it’s found in chicken. It acts as a sweetening agent in processed food, enhances food colouring’s & is known to extend shelf-life on packaged food. Which would explain why it’s in this shop bought meal.


Xylose: A low digestible carbohydrate that resists starch. It is known to raise blood sugar levels and its recommended that diabetics don’t consume products containing xylose.


Maltodextrin: This is often found in the likes of yoghurt and salad dressings and cheese. It acts as a thickener or preservative, helping bind ingredients together in processed food. It is made from starch, most commonly rice, potato or wheat starch. Maltodextrin is widely available and at a very cheap price. In short it’s known as a carb used to thicken substances such as sauce, in this case gravy.

It is also a common ingredient found in meal replacement shakes (yet another reason to steer clear of them!) and sugar free sweeteners like Splenda.

Dangers of Maltodextrin:

  1. Causes a spike in your blood sugar levels which can be dangerous for someone who is diabetic.
  2. Reduce the growth of good bacteria (Probiotics) which fight infection
  3. Has no nutritional value – a teaspoon contains approx. 15 calories


Processed foods that contain these types of ingredients are generally cheaper than a homemade meal. This is due to the perishability of fresh food and also the cheap cost of preservatives used.

It’s often said to try and avoid foods that contain more than 6-7 ingredients as the more ingredients in packaged food the more highly processed it is likely to be.


The great advantage of eating Simply Fit Food meals or any other homemade meal is that they contain no additives or preservatives such as the ones mentioned above. We only ever use a maximum of 5-7 ingredients in our meals and these are usually broken into a carb, protein, mixture of vegetables and spices. Although these meals do not have as long a shelf-life the food you are consuming if far more nutritious and healthy for you than a shop bought ready-made meal.

So next time you pick up a shop bought ready-made meal, bag of crisps, or even shop bought soup have a look at the nutritional information on the back. It might surprise you the number of ingredients you don’t recognize

How Our Meals Are Made

If you’re wondering what goes into our meals, you can be guaranteed there is nothing but fresh, healthy, locally sourced ingredients in every meal. We deliver your meals next day, keeping the freshness packed into each meal.

We source all meat & fish from our local butchers & fish mongers. Our salmon is farmed organically and all meat is sourced in Ireland. Our fruit & veg is sourced from our local farmers market in Drogheda and is hand picked fresh each week.

Have a look at a typical day in Simply Fit Food HQ!

Why Fresh Food is BETTER For You Than Frozen

Simply Fit Food ensures all meals made contain only the freshest possible ingredients delivered next and cooked fresh from scratch. No frozen ingredients whatsoever are used in our meals.


The Reasons Why We Don’t Use Frozen Ingredients


We believe in providing the most nutritiously dense meals possible. By using frozen ingredients this decreases the nutrient value of the meal meaning the vitamins and minerals you would usually consume in a regular meal that contains fresh vegetables and meat is almost halved if consuming a frozen meal equivalent


A fresh meal provides the following things that a frozen meal does not:


Nutrients: Frozen meals contain less fruit or veg as these are the main ingredients that provide the most vitamins and minerals in a meal. Consuming enough vitamins & minerals is vital for our health and developing an effective immune system


Hydration: Fresh fruit and veg contain more water meaning they provide natural hydration for the body.


Ingredients: A fresh meal, such as ours will contain zero additives or preservatives, flavourings and other chemicals to maintain a longer shelf life. Instead we seal our meals in a way that no air can get in or out. Provided our meals are stored in a fridge they will last  for up to 7 days without adding a single preservative.


Salt: Fresh meals are far lower in salt that frozen meals. Salt is added to extending shelf life.


Locally Sourced ingredients: We pride ourselves in sourcing locally and supporting local producers. The reason being is we like to know where our ingredients come from, knowing we are choosing the best for our customers. We source our meat from Georges Craft Butchers in Drogheda, our fish from Boyne Valley Seafood in Drogheda and our vegetables from our local farmers market.


A consistent diet that includes fresh foods will provide a person with more energy, both physically and emotionally, and a healthier lifestyle overall. So, the next time you pick up a frozen meal in a supermarket or take a bag of frozen veg from the freezer for dinner, remember what’s more important: foods that will last, or a lasting nutrition


SFF’s First Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to us!
This day last year Simply Fit Food opened for business. Probably one of the scariest & most challenging leaps we have ever made but looking back on the last year it’s been an absolutely unbelievable experience to say the least. And we couldn’t have done it without the support of our family & fantastic customers.

We started this company with nothing but savings & have been building a brand ever since. We started off with both of us working two jobs, working till god knows what hour, 7 days a week. For months there were no weekends, there was no going out it was all about making SFF work & grow like we knew it could. We went from finishing our day job at 5 to starting SFF for the night. Whether it was cooking meals or delivering food.
We have gone from 3 customers a week to over 60 customers a week.
From delivering every order ourselves in a couple of counties to now outsourcing our deliveries & delivering nationwide anywhere in the country.
From cooking 20 meals a week to over 500 meals some weeks.
From an idea that started in January 2016 to featuring on RTÉ1s Dragons Den in April 2017,, Irish Country Living & The Irish Independent.
From 100 followers on Facebook to ovet 7,700.

Our hard work is beginning to show as we were recently nominated in the Louth Business Awards for Best New Business Under 5 years.

We’ve helped create jobs in our local community, emphasised the high quality local ingredients we source & have helped educate people of all ages on the benefits of eating a healthy balanced diet.
And all in 1 YEAR!
So we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has supported us from the beginning & to those that have believed in us when we weren’t sure if we we’re doing the right thing.

Why Carbs Are Not Your Enemy

A lot of consumers first reactions when they see carbs on a menu or in a recipe is “how can I replace this with something that won’t make me put on weight?”.

When we think of carbs we think of bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and cereals.

Between social media, craze celebrity diets & body transformation programs, carbs have gone from being known as a staple food item on every Irish table to some of the most hated food items on the planet without consumers even realizing their benefits!

We’re always been asked the question by customers:

“Can I have my meals with no carbs?”

We’ve found that some customers think by removing carbs completely from their diet they’ll rapidly lose that unwanted body fat or that by eating carbs makes them gain weight

Our Top 4 Questions We’re Always Asked When It Comes To Eating Carbs

#1 Do Carbs Make You Fat?

The truth is gaining weight from eating carbs depends largely on the type of carbohydrates you are consuming. If you are eating a diet rich in white breads, white pastas, baked products and white rice then yes you will gain weight. These type of carbs make you hungrier faster. Combine that with little to no exercise and you will most definitely gain weight.However if you eat brown grains, whole meal pasta and brown breads these carbs are made up of mostly fibers and essential nutrients. They take much longer to digest, keeping you fuller for longer.If you cut out carbs completely from your diet youre body will begin to crave them by converting dietary protein stored in your muscles into glucose (energy) by breaking down your muscle mass. So in actual fact all of that training in the gym might end up being a complete waste of time.

#2 Carbs Are Supposed To Give Me Energy?

Provided you use them in the right way, that’s 100% what they are used for. Carbs are the fuel for your brain and muscle. Without them you will be constantly tired, have trouble focusing and when it comes to exercise you will not be able to perform to the best standard. The longer you leave carbohydrates out of your diet the hungrier you will get.


#3 How Do Carbs Improve My Workout?

When you exercise, your muscles and liver use glycogen or glucose for energy. Your body breaks down glucose quicker from a carb than the likes of protein or fats. That’s why it’s always great to have a carb rich meal 3-4 hours prior to exercise. You’ll feel like you have much more energy when your training and will be less likely to “hit a wall”.

Of course, the amount of carbs you need entirely depends on how much you are exercising. But if you’re running long distances, performing weight lifting workouts or even doing a quick HIIT session, you’re going to need some carbs


#4 What Carbs Sources Can You Recommend That Are Rich In Vitamins & But Release Energy Over A Longer Period of Time?

Instead of eating white carbs, also known as refined carbs (these are generally processed giving you a quick release of energy) we recommend going for the more unrefined carbs, these are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and include sweet potato, your regular potato, brown whole meal rice and pastas as well as quinoa, bean and couscous

Most of our meals contain these types of unrefined carbs. Simply head over to our menu & check it out.

So next time you’re considering a crazy diet or want to cut carbs don’t forget all the benefits you will be cutting from your diet and the impact this will have on your training performance and overall mood.


2 Delivery Days Beginning August 28th 2017

Customer Announcement📣
Due to the MASSIVE amount of requests we have been getting over the last few months we have decided to now provide 2 delivery days….yes that’s right TWO.

Both Delivery days will be for nationwide delivery.
So now instead of waiting over a week for your meals if you forget to order you’ll only ever have to wait 3 WORKING DAYS!

So, as well as our current order cut-off for a Friday delivery (Mon 8pm), you will also be able to order up until Thursday 4pm for the following Tuesday delivery.
Customer service is our No.1 priority, we want to make sure we continue to provide the best possible service & the highest quality meals.
So beginning next week Monday 28th you will now have 2 delivery day options: Friday or the following Tue.
Simply create your own meal plan from our website www.simplyfitfood.comAny questions drop us a message by heading to the “contact us” page

Nationwide Delivery Now Available

We are now taking orders for nationwide delivery.

See all the information you need to know below:

  • New cut off point for nationwide orders: Every Monday 8pm

  • Delivery day: 1 delivery every Friday between 9-5pm. DPD couriers will be doing these deliveries. So specify at checkout whether you want your deliver to your home or work address. DPD will also text/email you with a 1 hour time frame for when your delivery will be there.

  • How will you receive your healthy meals: In a thermal insulated box with ice packs. This box will keep your meals fresh for 24-48 hours, whether your in work or not at home to receive your delivery.

    SFF Thermal Insulated Boxes Provided

Research Shows The Gluten-Free Diet Could Be More Harm Than Good

Many of our delicious, healthy meals contain some sort of gluten. However so many people choose not to eat gluten because they think it’s bad for them or it will make them fat.

“Gluten-free” is the new fashionable food trend. Plenty of people are choosing gluten free options even if they don’t suffer from coeliac disease.

However new research has shown that gluten-free foods can increase your exposure risk for toxic heavy metals.

Studies in the US have shown that people who are on gluten-free diets have twice as much arsenic in their urine as those who eat gluten. The study also showed 70% more mercury in their blood & high levels of lead and other metal substances,

The research concluded that rice flour may contain higher traces of toxic metals than wheat flour, rye, and barley –  which contain gluten-and can’t be consumed by those who are gluten intolerant.

An increase in these toxins can lead to an increase in cancer and heart disease.

So the moral of the story,  don’t consume gluten-free products before you do your research, consult a medical professional to see are you actually gluten intolerant and don’t believe everything you hear when it comes to these fad diet trends


Credit: Irish Independent